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24 Sep

DA Hogan thanks W. Brandywine community for support – Main Line Suburban Life – Main Line Media News

To complete her dental assisting program through San Diego Mesa College, Grosse interned on a local military base. I received great hands on experience. During my spring semester, I completed my hours in a general oral surgery and pediatric office. These experiences gave me a great introduction to the dental world. Grosses Schooling didnt end there.
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You have to eradicate it. Otherwise it will take over your body and you will die. Hogan then paraphrased Irish political philosopher Edmund Burke: The easiest way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing, Hogan said. The DA then said, All it takes to defend evil is for good people to stand up. Hogan said that employees, Pike, Terri Kelly, clerk, and Linda Formica, administrative assistant stood up and accused a boss who if put back in charge might continue to make them suffer or simply fire them. Supervisor Bill Webb said he supplied the district attorneys office with the paper work which helped convict Rambo.
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CT dentist accused of patient’s death has hearing continued – WFSB 3 Connecticut

It is ultimately up to the commission to decide whether Dr. Rishmi Patel will ever practice dentistry again here in the state. His license was suspended on April 21 and it could be months before it is decided. On Wednesday, two former employees testified in a hearing in front of the Dental Commission, one of whom broke her silence about Judy Gan’s death in the dentist’s chair.
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Glenwood Springs Arby’s closing down |

The investigation will take hundreds of people several months, Tom Fuentes, a former assistant director at the FBI, told CNNs New Day Saturday. They will need a convoy of trucks for the victims. Theyll need a convoy of flatbed trucks, cranes to remove the debris. Theyll need a location to take the debris to where it can be reassembled, examined and determine what exactly happened to the aircraft. Why is this important and what will forensics experts look for at a crash site? Although investigators need to survey the crash site to figure out what happened, the first order of business is to collect the victims remains, according to Fuentes. Forget about the blame, Fuentes said.
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Is this any way to secure a plane crash scene? | Q13 FOX News


in Glenwood Springs closes down Sunday. The mother of one employee reported that the staff was given only three days notice, without severance or option to transfer. She estimated between 20 and 25 employees will be left to look for new jobs. Local management was not authorized to speak with the paper, and calls to corporate relations were not returned Friday afternoon.
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