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Raul Meza: I Clean School Bathrooms, And $15 An Hour Will Change Everything : Ct

16 Jul

Providers mostly keep up with more insured, but worries loom | Local News | The Seattle Times

My fiancee (who used to be a dental assistant and is now going to school), my son and I live on the first floor. I feel fortunate for what I have. I also feel tired a lot. But what I miss most is time with my son. He’s always asking, “Daddy, where are you going?” Leaving breaks my heart every time.
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Have you ‘herd?’ Goats milk soap is good for your skin

by: OUTLOOK PHOTO: ANNE ENDICOTT - Nigerian Dwarf goats are a desireable breed for hobby farmers because of their small size.

Patients might spend more time with nurses or other providers who have less training than physicians. Some clinics are wedging more patients into a doctors day, plus adding email exchanges to their workloads. And there isnt equal access for all: The wait times in rural areas, as well as for Medicaid patients and for visits with certain specialists, are likely to be longer. Health care is going through a transformation, said Susan Skillman, deputy director of the University of Washingtons Center for Health Workforce Studies.
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Swain now chair of BOS, board votes on benefits change – Nashoba Publishing Online

Town Administrator Patrice Garvin said the $2,400 cost to buy into the program this year would come from a retirement fund budgeted for but “not happening” now. “That’s what we’re proposing,” she said. In addition, the town could sign up for a debit card system that provides quicker turnaround time for subscribers at the provider’s window and offers some fee waivers “for long-standing municipal customers like us,” Johnston said. Selectmen voted unanimously for both proposals, calling them “employee investments.” Accounting firm Selectmen agreed to re-hire the accounting firm Guisti, Hingston and Co. to perform the town’s annual audit again.
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We ended up with boy/girl twins from three does, Julie said. And all of them had blue eyes. After selling the three males, and eventually the sire, the Austins were left with a herd of six females Mabel, Elsie, Hazel, Ruth, Lillie and Pearl. All the girls are named after our grandmothers, Julie explained. With the occupants in the barn continuing to multiply, Ken has taken on duties as the herd master. He vaccinates the goats, treats them for parasites and worms, and helps goat expert Deana Clark disbud the babies (burn their horn buds), tattoo their ears with JKs herd identification and wether the males (castrate them).
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Photo: Steady hands at Anderson Ranch |

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