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29 May

Melissa Malett – Certified Dental Assistant – Stephenville Empire-Tribune | Stephenville, TX | News, Sports, Lifestyles: Staff

Australia’s peak health organisations fear cost-cutting could halt hard-fought progress. A joint media release called on the Abbott Government to guarantee an ongoing commitment to public dentistry patients. “The fact public dental services may be caught in saving measures suggests that the Government may not understand the inequity faced by so many people when it comes to oral health services,” the statement said. The potential for progress to halt is worrying for Gympie patients enjoying improved delivery of public dental health services. The average time for a Gympie patient to wait for a dental check up reduced from 4.5 years in July last year to 1.8 years in April this year.
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SPOTLIGHT: Smiles at a Coquitlam dentist office – The Tri-City News

She has been with Dr. Goodwins office since 2001. Melissa not only assists, but she is also our treatment coordinator. She is our comedian in the office. She helps you to feel at home and relaxed while in the dental chair.
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Students in the carpentry program are Mark Gruninger, Thomas Kurtukoff, Erik Murphy, Justin Fox and Joseph Hogge. Michel Kosiancic is the sole baker while Tyler Mclaren is the only sheet metal worker. In the professional cook category are Raymond Chan, Nicholas Zadnikar, Siavosh Moshfeghi, Keifer Baranec, Nicole Moul, Tyler Arden, Arash Aghshahi, Cody Grant, Peter (Yu Tak) Kim, Keagan Archer-Hastie, Devon Koerber and Steven Alexander. Meanwhile, Anthony Furlan is planning a career in landscape horticulture, Collin Fairchild as auto service technician and Anthony De Vita in refrigeration and air conditioning repair. The teens were honoured by the board of education at its May 13 meeting, with Doug MacLean (trades and transitions co-ordinator) and Sean Riley (SSA teacher) attending.
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