Billings Academy Of Dental Assisting Recognized Need In Community 5 Years Ago

4 Mar

Dr. Michael Stuart DDS

This program isnt for our benefit, Hilling said. Its strictly a training program so the graduates can go work in another office. Much of the demand for dental assistants is being pushed by the growing wave of senior citizens, who are living longer and taking better care of their natural teeth. By the year 2025, nearly one in four Montanans will have surpassed the age of 65, jumping from about 100,000 senior citizens now to 240,000. In fact, Montana is already projected to rank fourth in the nation in percentage of seniors by 2015. In 2010, there were 297,200 dental assistants employed in the United States.
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Clinical Dental Assistant (GES 121)

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It’s portable which is important for military families and creates a win-win for everyone as the dental clinic team gains extra hands and expertise. If you have an interest and skilled and compassionate hands, consider this opportunity. The program consists of 800 hours of classroom and clinical experience. Hours are scheduled from 6:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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Dental assistant training program returns

You’ll be prepared to take the Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control components of the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB). You’ll be eligible to earn Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification after you’ve completed at least two years of employment (a minimum of 3,500 hours accrued over a two to four year period); to do so, you must meet work experience and other eligibility prerequisites and pass the General Chairside component of DANB’s CDA exam, in addition to the Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control components. All three components must be passed within a five-year period. For information about the DANB exam, please click here .
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Westwood College Introduces New Dental Assisting Associate Degree Program

Dental assisting is one of the fastest growing fields and Westwoods new program will help students prepare to be a part of this exciting industry. There are fantastic job opportunities, and this is a great career for individuals who want to help others and work in a flexible, stable office environment, said Dan Snyder, campus president of Westwood College Denver. Classes for the new dental assistant training program start January 8, 2014 and will be taught in newly constructed lab facilities at Westwoods Denver North campus. More than 60 percent of the coursework will be taught in the dental lab.
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